ADTRAN Technical Solutions Associate for Internetworking(ATSA/IN) Curriculum
(Online Training)

ADTRAN Technical Solutions Associate for Internetworking (ATSA/IN) is the foundation level certification for technical staff that will be responsible for designing and implementing solutions using ADTRAN's NetVanta Internetworking products.

In the ATSA/IN curriculum the students will learn the basic operations of the ADTRAN Operating System (AOS) and NetVanta hardware as they relate to IP routing, Ethernet switching, and network security, plus provides a solid understanding of basic data and internetworking concepts. ATSA/IN consists of two online training courses that will take approximately twelve hours to complete. Learner must pass one comprehensive exam to obtain ATSA/IN. You must enroll in the exam separately.

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Course Length
  • Introduction to Internetworking - 10 hours
  • Introduction to ADTRAN Internetworking Solutions - 2 Hours